There are many reasons that people don’t show up to the gym, and almost none of them boil down to being lazy. You’re busy, and working the gym into your schedule can be tough. That is why we turned Fitness Zone into a place you’ll want to be, with relaxing and convenient amenities that make showing up to the gym fun and easy. Check out our patrons’ favorite gym amenities below!

Child Care

Don’t worry about trying to stay fit while juggling babysitters and schedules. Want to work out with your spouse without the added cost of shuttling the kids to care? We make it easy! Our childcare services are available during our business hours, so you can workout on your schedule and trust that your kids are having a blast. Trained child care professionals are on staff to keep them occupied and safe while you meet your goals.

Ladies Only Area

Fitness Zone is for everybody, over 40% of our members are women who love an use our facility on a regular basis. In addition to our regular fitness center, we have a private ladies only workout area where you can focus on your goals and not have to worry about modesty issues, rather only your results.



Relieve stress and tension, relax sore muscles, and cleanse the skin in the sauna after a workout, or just add to your overall fitness enjoyment.

Smoothie Bar

Come enjoy the refreshing protein packed, nutritional benefits of a CityBlend fruit smoothie after a good workout.


Pro Shop

Need an important piece of workout equipment that you forgot? Broke the strap on your favorite pair of boxing gloves? Never fear! Our pro shop has everything you need to get you back in the zone.

Ready to get fit and stay focused? Come check out all our amenities and more at Fitness Zone in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

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