Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

At Fitness Zone, we offer a full schedule of fitness classes in Cleveland Heights, Ohio tailored for each and every workout level. Whether it's High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga, or Zumba you are craving, we guarantee there is a class for you.

Why Choose Fitness Zone Exercise Classes?

Fitness Zone is all about getting rid of the excuses and making you want to come to the gym. With amenities like child care, a smoothie bar, a sauna, a Ladies Only area, and more, you won’t have any reason to skip another workout. Our classes include everything from H.I.I.T. to yoga, plus fun options like Zumba and spinning.

Why Are Exercise Classes a Good Investment for Me?

Group exercise classes have many more benefits than you may think.

Some of the benefits they offer include:

  • Time Flies

    Because you are actively engaged following the instructor, working with the class, and listening to music, the time goes by much faster than a solo workout. The pace of our exercise classes in Cleveland Heights are fast and fun, so you won’t even notice that your time is nearly up.

  • Accountability

    Group classes do add a layer of accountability for you to show up. You will also get the sense of comradery that comes with being a part of a class – and that may be exactly what you need to stay motivated.

  • Safety

    If you aren’t sure where to begin with exercise, a class is a great place to start. The instructor will be making sure you stretch and move in ways that are safe for your body, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary injuries.

Interested in learning about our classes at Fitness Zone? Check out our class menu to find the exercise that works for you.

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