Tabata Class

Love high-intensity interval training, and want to challenge yourself to an even more intense version? Tabata is a workout that has taken the industry by storm. The essential Tabata training workout routine consists of eight rounds of 20-seconds on, 10-seconds off, intervals. While it only takes around five minutes total to do a single Tabata workout, your body will be pushed to the absolute max.

How Tabata Works

In Tabata classes at Fitness Zone, you’ll be introduced to the basic set up of a Tabata workout. Each eight-round workout will focus on a single movement – so you may do a Tabata of push-ups, a Tabata of squats, and so on.

Tabata is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t feel totally wiped out after a single Tabata, you need to go harder next time. Tabata is all about seeing how hard you can push your body in a short period of time. This is your power tool for breaking through plateaus with your health goals.

Why Add Tabata to Your Workouts

There are a few very important reasons that Tabata has become so popular:

  • It burns a ton of calories in a short time
  • It is a full-body workout, regardless of what moves you are doing
  • It is both aerobic and anaerobic
  • It increases your metabolism
  • It sparks fat burning
  • It improves your performance as an athlete

Adding Tabata to Your Routine

Most trainers advise adding Tabata to your regular workout routine about twice per week to get the best results. If you are ready to tackle your goals head-on, our Tabata classes in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, are perfect for you.

Our trained class leaders will keep you safe and motivated while you challenge yourself to brand new heights. Check out our class schedule or contact us today to reserve your spot in our Tabata classes.