Yoga Classes

At Fitness Zone, we help you reach your fitness goals with a variety of amenities and exercise classes. Cleveland Heights residents can now enjoy the motivating, convenient atmosphere of Fitness Zone when they want to get their stretch on! Our yoga classes are scheduled in many different blocks to work for your schedule. We routinely offer different types of yoga courses to help you get limber and strong.

Is This Your First Yoga Class?

Don’t worry – everyone is welcome to try out the many exercise classes we offer in Cleveland Heights. If this is your first yoga class, here’s what you need to know:
  • Whether you wear loose-fitting yoga pants or leggings, be sure they are high enough that you won’t feel like you are exposed when bending. A fitted top may be better for modesty so that you aren’t exposed when bending. Otherwise, wear what makes you comfortable! Yoga is practiced barefoot in most classes, so don’t worry about special footwear.
  • Yoga instructors routinely walk around and adjust students’ posture or position with their hands during the course. This is not a discouraging sign that you’re doing it wrong – the teacher is simply making sure you are doing the pose in the safest way for you.
  • You may find yoga more challenging than you thought it would be, so be sure to bring water. You don’t want a completely full stomach, but don’t come on an empty stomach either. Eat a small, nutritious snack to keep your energy up before the class.

Our Schedule

Our yoga schedule in Cleveland Heights is always being adapted to work for your needs. Check out our calendar of classes to find the yoga class for you, or contact us to sign up today. From beginner to advanced, we offer the classes you need to grow in your practice and meet your goals.