Zumba Class

Want to get your body back in shape in a fun way? Tired of exercise that just makes you watch the clock and count down the minutes till you can head to the smoothie bar? At Fitness Zone, we have the answer! Zumba is a fun exercise that is taking Cleveland Heights by storm. Check out why this class could be exactly what you need to jump-start your weight loss goals or get off that plateau.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a dancing workout where you’ll listen to pumped-up music, do fun but easy dance movements, and break a sweat without even realizing you’re actually working out. You’ll try everything from salsa and cha-cha to hip-hop moves and more. The music is always high-energy, so you are in the mood to move, and the entire atmosphere of Zumba is all about fun. This is an excellent cardio workout that also gives your body a great workout as well.

What if I Can’t Dance?

You don’t need to be a dancer to come to Zumba class! While the movements are based on dances, the entire point is just to get you moving in a fun way. Bring a friend and laugh along at your attempts to mimic the Latin dances – you won’t even notice you’re actually burning calories.

As long as you can stand and move, you are a good fit for Zumba. It works for people of any age, size, and ability. It is great for low-intensity workouts for the joints, and also ideal for shedding pounds.

What to Expect

Most Zumba classes are about an hour long, but at Fitness Zone, you won’t even notice the time passing. You’ll do a fun warm up, an exciting workout, and then an easy cool down, so you aren’t sore later. The instructor is there to make sure you’re doing everything safely and to keep it fun!

Check out our Zumba schedule for Cleveland Heights today!